The first ever crypto coffee roaster

& virtual coffee shop

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We only accept cryptocurrency

Our Vision

To build a virtual coffee brand

Frogtown is the first-ever crypto coffee roaster and virtual coffee shop chain in the Metaverse. Users can purchase our coffee on our website, our Web3 Wallet, or at one of our locations in the Metaverse. Our goal is to build a chain of coffee shops across the Metaverse, where users can transport themselves into a fun virtual environment, earn and trade NFT’s, and enjoy our world-class coffee in the comfort of their homes.

How does it work?

Users can buy our coffee 3 ways

  1. Here on our website
  2. On our Web3 Wallet App (in development)
  3. Visit one of our coffee shops in the Metaverse

In either case, real-world coffee will be delivered to your door, freshly roasted. 


Our coffee is roasted in small batches the same day your order ships. All coffee is whole bean. Plus get free shipping on all orders. 


The only currency is cryptocurrency… at least on our platform. We exclusively accept crypto for all purchases. 


Manage your crypto, NFT’s, and coffee purchases through our web3 wallet. Create wallets, swap, and manage your digital assets in one location.


Visit our virtual coffee shops in the metaverse and enjoy a fun interactive environment and purchase real-world coffee and merchandise.


Virtual Coffee Shops

We’re working with the developers of the Amphibianverse to develop a fun and interactive environment in our virtual coffee shops. Follow us for updates.

Frogtown Roasters

World-Class Coffee

We offer the best of coffees from South and Central America. We roast all orders in small batches the same day your order ships to preserve peak freshness.

NFT Frog Drops

Active coffee subscriptions get free NFT Frog drops every month. Special NFT Frogs with additional rewards are minted for milestone subscribers. 

Follow us for updates